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Each Pack contains 3 individual packets, which each pack will brew up to 4 cups, giving you 12 cups of MuMu Mummy Lactation Herbal Tea. 


This milk boosting tea drink contains Lance Asiabell Roots (Nai Shen) which is a root known to help mummies with their lactation needs. This is supported by ingredients such as Dang Shen to boost your Qi and Honey Dates, Red JuJuBe & Black JuJuBe to give the tea a soft yummy sweetness. 


We recommend you brew and consume this tea every 2 days (eg. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) whilst monitoring your supply. If you find your supply is really boosted after one brew, you can leave it a few days longer before your next batch.


And remember mummies, breastfeeding is not always easy, and it is certainly not something to stress fact, there more you stress over breastfeeding the more issues you will have. Just relax, eat healthily and the milk will flow. 


  • Detoxification
  • Strengthen Spleen
  • Replenish Blood & Qi
  • Nourishing Yin
  • Promotes Lactation




  • Honey Dates (Mi Zao)
  • Dang Shen
  • Red JuJuBe
  • Black JuJuBe
  • Lance Asiabell Roots (Nai Shen)


Suitable for lactating mums. 


How to make:


  1. Rinse all herbs.
  2. Fill the pot with 1 litre of water and add in all herbs.
  3. Bring water to boil and simmer with low heat for 1.5 hours on stove or 2 hours in a slow cooker. 
  4. Drink throughout the day.


How to store: 

Store in cool places, away from heat. Fridge would be best! Dry goods last for ages!

Lactation Herbal Tea

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