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A carefully crafted collection of herbal soups, individually vacuum packed for your convenience.


MuMu Mummy's Premium Grade Confinement Herbs are selected by hand, vacuum-sealed for freshness and delivered in time for your EDD. These herbs are designed for new mothers during their postpartum (confinement) period to help bring your body back to balance after a long pregnancy and the physical demands of childbirth.


The soups are intended to be taken over a 30 day period, with each herbal soup blend individually vacuum-packed and labelled for your ease and convenience. Each soup is labelled by day so you'll know which postpartum soups need to be prepared on each day of your confinement period.


In the weeks after childbirth, a mother's body goes through a lot of changes and our MuMu Mummy soups are here to help take you through certain stages to bring your body back to full power. Each "stage" lasts approximately 1 week.


Stage 1 - Heal & Detoxify

Stage 2 - Restore & Balance

Stage 3 - Nourish

Stage 4 - Rejuvenate


You will receive 30 easy to prepare soups packs including the following confinement soups:


  • Sheng Hua Soup
  • Si Shen Soup
  • Chinese Ginseng Soup
  • Snow Fungus w/ Lady Bell Root Soup
  • Ginseng Chicken w/ Fox Nut Soup
  • Dang Shen Bei Qi Soup
  • Lingzhi Tonic Soup
  • Liu Wei Soup
  • Black Bean Soup
  • American Ginseng w/ Cordyceps
  • Si Wu Soup
  • Dang Gui Soup
  • Snow Fungus w/ Mai Dong Soup
  • Ba Zhen Du Zhong Soup
  • Cordyceps Chicken Soup
  • Shi Quan Tonic Soup
  • Dang Gui Tian Ma Soup
  • American Ginseng Collagen Soup
  • Si Jun Zi Soup


There you go...30 vacuum sealed packs of soup, with 19 different soup blends, some taken more than once, giving you 30 nutritional days of postpartum confinement care. Go ahead and "add to cart" for easy home delivery or get in touch for more info.


You can order now for delivery closer to your EDD.


The vast majority of our herbs & teas contain no meat or animal products as they are mostly plant-based. We have one product which contains fish maw, our American Ginseng Collagen Soup.

So if you are vegetarian or worries, let us know and we can arrange a replacement for you.


For full FAQ's on our Confinement Herbs, click here and press on the confinement herbs tab


Note: Packaging Box Colour may differ from that shown in the picture. 

30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Package