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Yu Zhu for Lung Health

Solomon's Seal is an unusual name for a herb...that's why refer to it by it's more traditional name Yu Zhu...a member of the Lily family...which is used to improve the health of our lungs.

When brewed as a soup, it can help us moisten our respiratory system, sooth dry and sore throats, relieve coughs and strengthen our lungs.

As one of the ingredients of our Liu Wei Soup, Yu Zhu has been used for centuries from cultures all over the world and not just in Chinese herbal treatments.

And it's not just our lungs which benefit from this common herb, but it has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and has even been used in sports for the treatment of injuries of the joints and bones...both when consumed orally (as a soup ingredient for example) and when applied directly to the skin.

But let's go back to our lungs. Yu Zhu is an expectorant, meaning that it helps to ease the effort of coughing. It won't necessarily stop you from coughing, but by adding moisture to dry and weak lungs and throats it makes it easier.

From a nutritional standpoint, Yu Zhu is high in Vitamin A, which has also been shown to improve the health of your lungs as well as improve lung conditions.

It's so easy to add herbs such as Yu Zhu to your diet, and it has become more and more evident recently that we need those little boosts to support our immune system and overall body health.

Despite panic buying across the country, we still have ample stocks of our Daily Soups herbs and we are still able to deliver nationwide in Singapore.