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July Giveaway - Jujube Longan Sweet Tea worth $158

Hi Mummies, from now until the 19th July we’re running a giveaway for a 15 day supply of our MuMu Mummy Jujube Longan Sweet Tea…worth SGD$158…ideal for new & breastfeeding mothers.

As a new and nursing mother, you'll need plenty of fluids to support your own body & milk supply and by brewing this blend and consuming it throughout a day, it will help you reach your hydration goals.

JuJuBes (Red Dates) are the main powerhouse in this blend, supported by a blend of; Black Dates, Goji Berries, Dang Shen & Longan. Our tea is recommended for use during Confinement and/or nursing mothers as it helps to nourish their blood and improve their immunity during.

Why are we running a giveaway? Fairly simple, we want to get our confinement herbs and teas out to as many new mummies as possible and promote a positive postpartum experience.

Check out our Instagram post below to enter.

Good Luck Mummies!