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Vegan Confinement in Singapore

More and more of us are looking to reduce our reliance on daily consumption of meat and animal products for various, nutritional, ethical, environmental or otherwise.

Traditionally, especially in Chinese culture, meat plays an important role in the postpartum confinement diet along with confinement herbs.

This is because meat is seen as “heating” and after childbirth your body has been “cooled”, so meat will help “warm” your body.

When we look at confinement herbs, one of the main goals is to restore and nourish your blood after a lengthy pregnancy, childbirth and now during your body’s recovery as well as breastfeeding.

Soups and teas such as Jujube Longan Sweet Tea and American Ginseng Collagen Soup both include ingredients which “nourish” the blood.

We consume these foods to be able to handle the nutritional demands on the body. Example, Jujubes (Red Dates) are relatively high in iron which is important for red blood cell production.

Meat does contain high levels of iron & protein as well as other nutrients which should be replaced by other means should you not consume it. Some vegans and vegetarians choose to take iron supplements and vitamins.

What vegan foods should I have during confinement?

Your main focus should be a balanced diet where you gain as many of the nutrients that you need from food.

You may find some vegan confinement recipes or meals which use mock meat as a replacement for the meat in the dish.

However, a better option may be to just simply add more natural ingredients so your diet which can help improve protein, iron, B vitamins levels.

Good examples of vegan ingredients for you to include during your confinement & postpartum period;

Luckily all these ingredients can be part of your confinement diet served in or with your confinement soups.

The overall takeaway from this article? A well rounded and nutritionally supported diet is important and that confinement herbs actually help support your vegan dietary needs.

Are MuMu Mummy's Confinement Herbs Vegetarian and/or Vegan?

The vast majority of our herbs & teas contain no meat or animal products as they are mostly plant-based.

We have one product which contains fish maw, our American Ginseng Collagen Soup.

Our American Ginseng Collagen Soup is included in our 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Package, so if you are vegetarian or worries, just let us know and we can arrange a replacement for you.

Our Cordyceps Chicken Soup, does NOT contain any chicken...the name comes from the typical inclusion/pairing of chicken with these herbs...but you can choose not to add it.

Typical recipes which are used to prepare our herbal soups include meat, but you do not have to add meat yourself, our herbs have plenty of flavour and nutrients without adding meat.