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Rice Wine & Rice Wine Lees

When we talk about confinement food, Rice Wine and Rice Wine Lees are one of the commonly consumed ingredients during postpartum confinement recovery.

W Rice Wine is all-natural and pure with no added sugar or preservatives.

Their rice wine is aged in clay barrels to produce a premium rice wine that can be enjoyed on its own, or in steamed and braised dishes.

W Rice Wine also produce nutritious Wine Lees which uses a natural brewing process making a nutritious and excellent nourishment for mothers during their post-natal recovery.

Commonly used in confinement dishes such as red glutinous wine lees ginger chicken(红糟鸡, Hong Zao Ji) and other nourishing delicacies, it promotes blood circulation, improves digestion and lowers cholesterol.

I (Tina, Founder of MuMu Mummy), cooked and shared it with my family & friends. We've received many great reviews and here we are doing this review!

Red Wine Lees Chicken Recipe

Recipe by MuMu Mummy

W Rice Wine (Handcrafted in Singapore with an heirloom recipe handed down over three generations since 1931.) If you're looking for premium Rice Wine or Wine Lees, you know where to look. (You're Welcome!)