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Nursing Ponchos we Love : Ubermums x MuMu Mummy

For breastfeeding mummies in Singapore, there are not many places that have comfortable nursing rooms, and although the situation is getting better, we're often forced to a small room next to the public toilets.

That's why a comfortable and practical nursing cover is a must, especially in Singapore where we hop from the tropical outdoors to chilly aircon malls.

We are really proud to be partnering with a brand which we have admired for some time,  Ubermums & their beautiful nursing ponchos.

Ubermums is a Singapore brand and all their nursing ponchos are made here locally.

And, perhaps most importantly, their designs are all super cute and pretty!

Here's a collection of our favourite Ubermums nursing ponchos.

Berry Sprigs Nursing Poncho

Like all Ubermums nursing poncho's this is a soft and lightweight poncho in a deep berry colour with a classic floral print.

Blue Botanics Nursing Poncho

This is our top pick as MuMu Mummy has partnered with Ubermums to give you a fab bundle promo with Ubermums' Blue Botanics Nursing Poncho & MuMu Mummy's Lactation Herbal Tea with a large 20% discount promo and FREE delivery.

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Heather Grey Nursing Poncho

Ubermums' ponchos come in a variety of colours and designs, but sometimes a simple yet understated piece is all that is needed...and that's exactly what this is.

Classic grey is ideal for anytime, any place.

Fresca Nursing Poncho(Bamboo Cotton Jersey)

This is the latest design in Bamboo Cotton from Ubermums (as of August 2019), the colours in this seamless pattern are so warming, ideal as we head into "Autumn".

Little Bouquets Nursing Poncho

A poncho that looks reveals it's pattern the closer you get, Little Bouquets and it's mini pattern is bright but not too flashy.


MuMu Mummy has partnered with Ubermums to give you a fab bundle promo with Ubermums' Blue Botanics Nursing Poncho & MuMu Mummy's Lactation Herbal Tea with a large 20% discount promo and FREE Delivery. Click Here

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