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MamaMiyo, a Maternity & Newborn Photographer with a Playful Side.

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Dedicated to producing the best maternity and baby photos in Singapore, MamaMiyo really showcases the beauty of motherhood, family and the gentle innocence of our little ones. And you can enjoy $48 off their packages when you purchase MuMu Mummy's Confinement Herbs.

You only have to see their reviews online to see how much their clients have enjoyed working with them where they created a fabulous experience. MamaMiyo’s, founded by a mother herself, Lesley, have a really playful and fun style which compliments Yes, they do the classic delicate shoots that really show the calmness of pregnancy and the early days of a newborn’s life...but she also manages to capture some creative shots which highlight the fun and youthful side of early childhood.

Just look at this selection of fun newborn shots here.

So adorable and creative, right? For your child, a newborn photography session really is a once in a lifetime opportunity (they grow so fast T - T !) ...and MamaMiyo will create memories that are certain to make you smile...and will perhaps make your grown-up little-ones blush on their wedding day slideshow!

Just like every child you have will be different, so will each pregnancy. That's why a Maternity Photoshoot will capture that special stage in your life. Look at these stunning photos.

And Mamamiyo can stay with you and your family through your journey, taking photos at 3 months, family photos, mother & daughter and it's such a nice experience to have a photographer that can record your family over so many years and really get to know you as a family.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you only have to see all the positive reviews on their Facebook page to see the happiness they bring to their clients.

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