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Lance Asiabell to Help Boost Breast Milk Supply

Lance Asiabell is a lesser-known but effective milk booster for Singapore’s breastfeeding mothers.

What is Lance Asiabell?

Lance Asiabell (Codonopsis Lanceolata) is also known as Nai Shen (奶参) is a plant root which is commonly prepared to help support breast milk supply.

The name, Lance Asiabell, is given as the plant is native to East Asia and the flowers are shaped like a bell. If we look at many of the alias names for Lance Asiabell in Chinese, we see a lot of them actually include the word milk...including Nai Shen which translates as “Milk Ginseng”!

What are the benefits of Lance Asiabell for breastfeeding and breast milk supply?

When we look at the typical benefits of Lance Asiabell there are many. When it comes to breast milk, it is used to help reduce swelling and promote lactation/secretion of milk. It has even been used to reduce mastitis symptoms and occurrence. Aside to boosting milk supply, the Lance Asiabell is commonly associated with lung & spleen health and strengthing a weak body with low Yin...although there are many more benefits which it has been associated with.

How do you consume Lance Asiabell?

So, can Lance Asiabell be taken as part of a confinement diet? Lance Asiabell can be consumed during your confinement period and throughout your breastfeeding journey. When we consume Lance Asiabell to boost milk supply, we are consuming the Lance Asiabell root...which surprisingly can be consumed raw or cooked. However, It is best when combined with other ingredients as part of a tea or soup...just like the MuMu Mummy Lactation Tea which was created with supporting ingredients such as Honey Dates (Mi Zao), Dang Shen, Red JuJuBe, Black JuJuBe which adds a nice sweetness to the lactation tea.

Is Lance Asiabell / Nai Shen guaranteed to give you more breast milk? Well, not necessarily. Your breast milk supply depends on your body condition and other factors such as diet. However, as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle (including rest and reduced stress), it can support your breast milk supply and help with your lactation efforts.

How often should you consume Lance Asiabell?

It depends on your breast milk supply. If you are already producing adequate breast milk supply, then you don’t need to take any lactation support products...this can lead to oversupply and discomfort.

However, if you do feel you need to boost your breast milk quantity, you can start by consuming Lance Asiabell in a balanced blend such as the one found in MuMu Mummy’s Lactation Tea, then from there, consume this tea every 2 days (eg. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) whilst monitoring your supply. If you find your supply is really boosted after one brew, you can leave it a few days longer before your next batch.

And remember mummies, breastfeeding is not always easy, and it is certainly not something to stress fact, there more you stress over breastfeeding the more issues you will have. Just relax, eat healthily and the milk will flow.

If you have any questions about Lance Asiabell (Nai Shen 奶参) and how it can support your breastfeeding journey, get in touch with MuMu Mummy.

The information on this page is not here to replace any medical advice. If you have any serious concerns about breastfeeding, you should contact your doctor or TCM Physician.