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Fresh & Natural, Papura Chicken Essence Tastes Goooood!

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Papura Chicken Essence is a local Singaporean brand made with only organic chicken and ingredients cooked in the most honest way - no added preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, salt or colouring.

You've likely never tried Chicken Essence like this. Papura Chicken Essense is really something different...not only in the way that it looks and tastes...but also in how it is produced. And if you're including chicken essence as part of your confinement diet for your postpartum recovery, it is a great option for you for so many reasons.

We're all familiar with mass-produced chicken essence and we're aware of the broad health benefits...but Papura takes it to a whole new level.

Firstly...Papura Chicken Essence tastes goooood! If you're used to mass-produced chicken essence, you'll notice how fresh and delicate Papura tastes. It's a cliche to say fresh, but it describes it so well. It doesn't taste overly processed or sour...just a really clean taste.

And that's because it is. Freshly brewed in their kitchen at 306 Changi Road, Papura chicken essence is made from fresh organic chickens, delivered to them daily. Using the traditional double-boiled method, the essence is slowly extracted over 6-8 hours, after which the oil is filtered away, to draw out our delicious chicken essence.

Then it is freshly delivered to you.

The first thing that will strike you when you try Papura, is the's a light golden colour and it's actually a solid jelly in the bottle, but once you've warmed it, it will turn to a really smooth and luscious amber liquid. It's almost like a fresh broth. And why do they have this golden colour? Well, it's because chicken essence is meant to be that colour! Papura does not add any colouring or caramels to make it the darker brown colour you may be used to seeing in other brands.

And why is it a jelly-like when you store it in the refrigerator? That's because they do not add any water meaning there is a high concentration of collagen and gelatin which turns jelly-like when chilled.

Papura do not add any form of preservatives, salt, and colouring to their essence...just a product that is wholesome, full of all the essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids and collagen. The chickens are organic and are fed with Lactobacillus to increase their immunity therefore, eliminates the need for antibiotics and growth hormones.

Overall, a great quality product that tastes great. Honestly, Papura's chicken essence is nothing like you have ever tasted, and will probably be the best quality essence you've ever tried.

As a brand that we love, MuMu Mummy has partnered with Papura Chicken Essence, to offer our Confinement Herbs Customers a special offer on their organic speciality chicken essence.

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