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Envy Her - Shapewear & Lingerie to Help You Feel and Believe In Your Beauty.

Envy Her is a homegrown shapewear & lingerie brand with garments that are specially designed for continued comfort and long-term performance.

Envy Her is a homegrown shapewear & lingerie brand that started out from their humble home of Pasir Ris and is a business which Singapore’s mummies love for their quality products which are carefully designed, hand-picked and crafted together with their positive message of strength, beauty and confidence. Firstly we should mention that on top of their high-quality products (we’ll go into these below), they offer a great service with showroom fitting sessions, fitting sessions in your own home, online virtual fitting consultations and even alteration & customisation about the extra mile!

Let’s face it ladies, pregnancy does all sorts to the shape of our bodies and it’s a tough strain on your figure...and while it’s all very natural, you want to be able to get back to your familiar self when you look in the mirror...and that's why you consider shapewear as part of your healthy recovery. Envy Her have really thought about the needs of new mummies with a range of shapewear to help your body recover to its best during your postpartum confinement period.

Muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, and connective fibres attaching skin to deeper structures can all be bruised, or damaged during pregnancy, labour, and birth following a normal or caesarean birth. Wearing Envy Her’s Wink Shapewear will help to: – Compress and flush potentially harmful body fluids away from the skin, thus reducing edema – Minimize bruising by compression of small blood vessels and capillaries – Compress the uterus faster, resulting in a flatter tummy – Reduce possible risk of infection when potentially harmful fluids are not allowed to accumulate – Aid in body contouring and skin retraction by firm compression of the skin during the healing process – Provide improved comfort by compression proven support Their Wink Shapewear is made of their patented COMPRESSASOFT fabric that embodies an entirely new textile technology...designed to balance power/stretch, softness, durability, moisture control and are even anti-microbal...and how important are those last two factors in Singapore’s tropical climate?!

A selection of Bralettes from the Envy Her website.

Nursing absolute staple for you and something you’ll likely be wearing almost daily duration of your breastfeeding journey...and Envy Her have done a great job with their range of One Clip Nursing Bralettes and Side Pull Nursing Bralettes which balance practicality and feminity, including lace bralettes for that delicate look.

Please note that Free Bralette Redemption is no longer available for MuMu Mummy's Confinement customers.

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