• MuMu Mummy

Don't Panic, Drink Soup

It seems like every few days here in Singapore (and all over the world!) there is a rush to the stores to fill up our baskets...and it’s understandable to an extent, the fear of being without food is scary. However, there is no need to panic with the thought there is no food left...but it does make sense to do a larger “shop” so you will reduce the number of visits that you and your family have to make outside to get your groceries and therefore reducing your contact with others.

Don’t: Make multiple visits to the supermarket per week. Do: Plan your groceries day by day and reduce the number of trips outside. Don’t: Buy more fresh food than you can consume in time. Do: Plan your fresh food consumption so it won’t spoil. Don’t: Visit the supermarkets during busy hours or days. Do: Take advantage of early/late opening hours or order groceries online. Don’t: Buy nutritionally poor food. Do: Buy nutrient, mineral, vitamin rich foods. Don’t: Buy items that you won’t consume. Do: Buy items you could potentially use daily on any given day. Do: Browse our Daily Soups for nutritionally dense, long shelf life herbs which you can order online (currently 25% off as part of our national effort) for home delivery to your doorstep. Easy to prepare, they can be consumed daily and add a supplementary boost to your meals.

Stay Safe!