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Bebesup, Baby Wipes That Focus on Safety and Quality.

Plus a Special Offer from Bebesup when you purchase your Confinement Herbs from MuMu Mummy (scroll down for the offer)

Used by millions of mummies, Bebesup focuses on safety and a better product. To help you keep harmful ingredients away from your baby, Bebesup is offering you an additional 5% off their online store when you purchase MuMu Mummy’s Confinement Herbs.

Wet wipes become a way of life when you have a newborn...never be without your wet wipes...even well beyond their infant stage. And when you are using an item so often on your child’s delicate skin, you want to make sure that you’re not irritating their skin or causing harm. That’s why we (Hi, it’s Tina from MuMu Mummy here!) have been using Bebesup wipes for over 4 years now, and we’ll continue to use them as our preferred brand...both at home and at the office!

Bebesup specializes in the study of the health of baby's skin and provides baby wipes suitable for hand and face, sensitive skin baby. Bebesup studies baby skin to exclude chemical ingredients that can cause irritation to baby's skin and research to protect the innate purity and health of baby's skin. Hence these are the best baby wipes for newborns. As parents, it can be easy to unknowingly apply harmful ingredients onto our children. It can be serious if there is any occurrence of complication on sensitive skin, especially for newborns. Bebesup's Baby Skin Lab studies baby skin to exclude chemical ingredients that can cause irritation to baby's skin, and researches to protect the innate purity and health of baby's skin. For something you use so often, for such a delicate purpose, it makes sense to use the best quality.

One of their signature product lines is the Bebesup Nature Line which are biodegradable baby wipes made with 100% premium rayon fabric which use natural plant fiber extracts and to create an eco-friendly fabric that absorbs moisture like cotton...and they really do feel like a soft cotton cloth. If you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption, then this is a great option for you. They also have some incredible gift boxes, which let you try a wide range of their wipes...great for gifting to friends, and if you’re like us, you may want to order them for yourself.

As a brand that we love, MuMu Mummy has partnered with Bebesup, to offer our Confinement Herbs Customers a special offer of an additional 5% OFF from any current offer on your entire order, with no minimum purchase & FREE Delivery When you purchase MuMu Mummy's 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Package (including as part of our Full Confinement Bundle) you will be able to redeem this offer from Bebesup. For more information on this offer and MuMu Mummy's other Partner offers, click here.


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