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And we're live!

Today is a special day for us as our website is now open for viewing and accepting orders for our Confinement Herbs & Teas.

MuMu Mummy was born from an idea almost 3 years ago... an idea that morphed and evolved into what became an opportunity for us to meet a need of Singapore’s new mummies.

It’s been a long time coming with plenty of...let’s say, personal life challenges along the way, but now after months upon months of careful and thorough research, planning, product development and fun, we’re ready to roll.

We hope you find our website and other platforms useful, informative and easy to please if you have any feedback on our website or social media pages, don’t be shy, drop us a message on our contact page.

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Here's a short Instagram video from MuMu Mummy's founder and Chief MuMu, Christina Willock.