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9s Seafood, a Digital Seafood Market with Confinement Bundles for New Mummies.

Plus a Special Offer from 9s Seafood when you purchase your Confinement Herbs from MuMu Mummy (scroll down for the offer)

A 3rd Generation family business that is older than Singapore itself, 9s Seafood has humble beginnings as a roadside stall in Chinatown, and now, they have brought the seafood market place to a digital generation.

The seven entrepreneurs behind 9s Seafood shared the vision of Eddie Seetho, whose grandfather started with off with simple roadside seafood stall in Chinatown back in the 1950s, wanting to keep Singapore's seafood and wet-market culture alive but making it accessible to those who don't have the time to visit the markets in person.

And that’s one of the best things about 9s Seafood; years of heritage paired with a modern digital user experience.

With a stylish website, featuring a comprehensive list of fish and other seafood products (it really is a digital fish market!) and a really easy online e-commerce function, they offer a great shopping experience. If you’ve ever been to a wet-market and been overwhelmed by the experience, their website offers a great solution for you. Our own order came packed and sealed with plenty of ice and needless to say, it was ocean fresh. And with an order over $60, delivery was free.

And, you can guess why MuMu Mummy have extra love for 9s Seafood…they’ve thought about mummies to be with their Confinement Bundle 坐月包 which is a bundled selection of fish which has been specially curated for the recuperation of new mothers throughout the confinement month.

And, with a million things to organise during your pregnancy, especially closer to your EDD, they offer the most ideal way to purchase your seafood essentials for your postpartum confinement and your family don't even have to leave your house! Their Confinement Bundle includes; • Cod fillet (200g) • Threadfin Balai fillet (200g) • Norwegian Salmon Fillet (450 - 500g x 2) • Red Snapper (1kg)(whole)

Salmon is not only rich in protein and DHA, it also contains zinc, which is good for fighting postpartum depression. Cod fish is especially great to be taken during confinement if you are breastfeeding your infant. Snapper is also a fantastic choice for new mothers as a lean source of protein which can give new mothers energy. Red snapper also contains potassium which is beneficial to the heart. You can even upgrade by swapping your Snapper for Red grouper.

Red grouper contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A as well as iron which are beneficial to the new mothers. Iron is essential for blood formation which can help new mothers to recover.

As a brand that we love, MuMu Mummy has partnered with 9s Seafood, to offer our Confinement Herbs Customers a special offer which includes a FREE SEASONAL ITEM with every order of their 9s Confinement Bundle.

When you purchase MuMu Mummy's 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Package (including as part of our Full Confinement Bundle) you will be able to redeem this offer to receive a free seasonal item with every purchase of 9s Confinement Bundle. For more information on this offer and MuMu Mummy's other Partner offers, click here.