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5 Maternity & Newborn Photographers in Singapore you should check out on Instagram.

Instagram is an extremely useful research tool for Singapore's new mothers with thousands of mummies sharing their pregnancy journey on the platform. If you're looking for advice on anything from hospitals to baby fairs, diapers to wet-wipes, lactation to confinement herbs...Instagram can be a one stop live-feed for info and updates.

But with Instagram being such a visual platform, one service you can do some excellent research on is...maternity/pregnancy/newborn photography in Singapore. Here's some of our top picks that pop up on our feed.

Bambini Photography Singapore @bambiniphotosg

Bambini can take you from maternity through to newborn, one-month, one year and beyond with heartwarming extended family shoots.

BambooShoots Photo @bambooshoots_photo

A multi award-winning studio, BambooShoots have a very nordic white theme that capture "honest moments".

MamaMiyo Photography

MamaMiyo have a playful insta profile with plenty of smiles and happy moments. Again, as with many photographers they'll take you from pregnancy through to family shoots.

Jen Pan Photography @jenpanphotography

Jen Pan's profile is truly gram-worthy with stylised yet natural photos. There is a loving warmth to her photographs that can capture special feelings in the moment.

Pictures With Love @pictureswithlovephotos

Pictures With Love specialise in newborn photography where they'll show your little one as the cute little ball of love they really are.


So, there's somewhere for you start. Singapore has plenty of talented photographers and studios for you to choose from, so get on Instagram and have a browse.

And of course, don't forget to visit MuMu Mummy's Instagram for insights beyond just confinement herbs in Singapore...we'll do our best to add value to your feed.

Happy gram'ing.