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25% Off Storewide...indefinitely.

In Singapore, so far, we've been relatively fortunate compared to other nations in how we have responded to the Coronavirus Covid 19. And, as a society we are a fairly well educated and socially responsible about how to combat the virus;

Hand washing, avoiding crowded areas, facemasks and much more...if you need most informed updates, you can visit the MOH website.

Like you, despite all the precautions we have taken as a nation, we are concerned...we don’t want anyone in our family or friend circle to fall sick!

One area we are focusing on is the health of our loved, parents, friends...and how now more than ever, we can prepare our bodies for potential illnesses.

Our immune systems are complex and there are many influences such as; Stress, Sleep Patterns, Vitamin and Nutrition Levels, Alcohol Consumption and much more.

We can’t help with all of those, but nutrition is our speciality.

Our herbs contain many natural vitamins and minerals which, as part of a balanced healthy diet, can help boost your immune system from a nutritional perspective.

As we consume more of our herbs ourselves, we want you to consume more of our herbs. For that reason, to encourage more of you to drink our healthy soups...we are offering 25% off online...again!

We ran this promotion in February 2020 and it was really popular, and it just makes sense for us to run it again during this period. For now, there is no closing date...we will run this promo indefinitely.

What’s in it for us? Financially as a business, not much. We are cutting our profits and passing the benefit onto you to help more people stay healthy and strong during this difficult time.

Let’s stay healthy and beat these difficult times together!

Tina, Founder of MuMu Mummy xoxo