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25% OFF Storewide for February - Support Your Immunity

Singapore has hit some hard times and it's important that, as a society, we support each other. That is why we have decided to offer 25% off our entire online store. No voucher code is needed, we've added the discount to every product...including our 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Package.

Why? Well, as we try our best to protect ourselves from germs & viruses with face masks and hand sanitizer (don't forget washing your hands with soap and water is best!), we must also make sure that we are looking after our body and supporting it with proper nutrition...and what's a great way to do that? With MuMu Mummy's soups & teas!

This offer is on until the end of February...including the's a leap year! We believe that our products already offer great value for the quality but this should give you just that little bit extra support.