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MuMu Mummy is a proud supporter of (Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd), a charity which helps young teenage girls with pregnancy advice and support in Singapore.


Who are Babes?


Babes is a Singapore based charity that supports pregnant teenagers who need a helping hand.


Some of the common pressing issues that the teenagers will face include: fear of breaking the news to their parents, stress of having to make a decision, financial concerns, inability to continue with their education during pregnancy and uncertainty about their future.


Babes support teenagers by offering advice, counselling, emotional support to cope with the uncertainties of pregnancy and information for them to make informed decisions.


Babes is pro-choice.


Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd envisions a more inclusive society where every pregnant teenager needing support will not feel estranged or marginalised.

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How do MuMu Mummy support Babes?


As well as championing Babes and their mission, we will donate $10 from every sale over $100 to Babes.


For every 10 MuMu Mummy customers, it’s $100. $100 could provide a young mother, with little financial support from her family, a month's worth of diapers, or milk formula or any of the other necessities that a new mother needs for herself and her baby.


We will also be supporting Babes through increased donation periods, donation drives, donation of our confinement herbs, collection of baby items from our network and volunteering efforts.


Why do MuMu Mummy Support Babes?


When we started MuMu Mummy, we always knew we wanted to have a social impact and give back to the community. Babes is completely aligned with us as a business and as individuals. Through the sales of confinement herbs in Singapore, we can hopefully make that impact. 

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Founder of MuMu Mummy

“I myself was a teenage mother, pregnant at 17. During my research, I chanced upon the Babes website and the video was the first thing that caught my attention. I saw my younger self in that video. I teared. I could relate so much and there was no reason why I shouldn’t contribute to these girls. It’s not the end of the world because you’re pregnant. There’s a great future waiting for you. During my early days in motherhood, I made poor decisions through inexperience. Now I am older and wiser, I hope with my life experiences that I can aid these girls one way or another. We are mothers, we do wonders.“

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Co-founder of MuMu Mummy

“When Tina (Christina), came to me and told me about Babes, how it spoke to her and how she wanted to support it...I knew it was the right organisation for us. I’m a proud parent, but even as an adult I was hit with all the worries and emotions when I found out we were I know how overwhelming it must be for a teenager. As a business, I want us to be successful...and I think a measure of that success can be the positive impact we can have on the lives of others, no matter how small.”

More info


For more information on Babes, you can visit their website If you or someone you know is affected by any of these issues you can get in touch them using the contact details found at


Babes run a 24-hour toll-free crisis helpline so that anyone in need of help can call or SMS the helpline at +65 8111 3535.


For all other general enquiries about Babes (including donations, fundraisers, partnerships) please contact them at +65 6664 8590


When she’s not singing karaoke, eating hotpot, chasing her toddler around or advising her teenage daughter on life...mummy Christina Willock runs the show at MuMu Mummy.


Christina (Tina) is massively passionate about motherhood with postpartum nutrition being a big part of her life even beyond confinement when breastfeeding and providing a steady milk supply became her life and passion.


Tina's "why" came from overcoming a difficult period in her life, which gave her new perspectives and a new purpose. Now she hopes to help others overcome difficulties in their life and support those who need it...starting with making postpartum care just that little bit more relatable.


The opportunity she saw was to provide new modern millennial mothers with access to an easier way to understand what postpartum and confinement herbs they need, why they need them and most importantly, with convenience.


She’s supported by her amazing husband, Rob, who is the one uploading this content to her “About Us” page because he is really tech savvy and talented...sometimes she wonders how she’d survive without him ;-)

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