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Confinement Herbs & Soups

We provide convenient confinement and postpartum herbal health to new mothers in Singapore.

We aim to make post-partum herbal care accessible to the modern mother.

Our products have been carefully selected with the aid of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners according to traditional confinement and postpartum practices. All our produce is procured and vacuum packed for freshness locally in Singapore. Click Here

Daily Soups

We also have a range of daily soups which are suitable for normal consumption outside of pregnancy and confinement...for men, women & children. Click Here


When she’s not singing karaoke, eating hotpot, chasing her toddler around or advising her teenage daughter on life...mummy Christina Willock runs the show at MuMu Mummy.


Christina (Tina) is massively passionate about motherhood with postpartum nutrition being a big part of her life even beyond confinement when breastfeeding and providing a steady milk supply became her life and passion.


Tina's "why" came from overcoming a difficult period in her life, which gave her new perspectives and a new purpose. Now she hopes to help others overcome difficulties in their life and support those who need it...starting with making postpartum care just that little bit more relatable.


The opportunity she saw was to provide new modern millennial mothers with access to an easier way to understand what postpartum and confinement herbs they need, why they need them and most importantly, with convenience.


She’s supported by her amazing husband, Rob, who is the one uploading this content to her “About Us” page because he is really tech savvy and talented...sometimes she wonders how she’d survive without him ;-)

Christina is training with Childbirth International to become a certified Postpartum Doula in Singapore.

A Postpartum Doula helps new mothers in the early weeks after birth with a wide range of expertise including but not limited to; 

  • first aid measures

  • postpartum education

  • breastfeeding support

  • newborn care

  • postpartum maternal physiology

  • sexuality and relationships

  • infant health and health problems

  • routine postpartum procedures

  • nutrition and exercise

  • emotional support